Monday, 14 October 2013

Toronto Goth Heritage Walking Tour Maps

Phase 1 of the Toronto Goth Heritage Project stretches along Queen St. W. from near John St. to Bathurst St. You can download a PDF of the souvenir brochure handed out at the No Blue Jeans, No Nice Sweaters, No Big Bop Rejects DJ performance by clicking here or visit our interactive Google map of the current Toronto Goth Heritage Project featuring interviews with Lance Goethe of Sanctuary: Vampire Sex Bar, Groovinda Dasi aka Groovella Blak and Morpheus Blak of Siren, Sarah Khokar of Siren/Hell's Belles, "G-author" Liisa Ladoucer, Paul Savage of Savage Garden, Sandra Huculiak of Heretic and Greg Clow and Sheryl Kirby of Hallowmass/Convergence.

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